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Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer about supporting early-career researchers at Paderborn University Show image information
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Early-career researcher at the lab Show image information
Early-career researchers at UPB Show image information

Photo: Universität Paderborn - Adelheid Rutenburges

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Early-career researcher at the lab

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Early-career researchers at UPB

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Junior professorship at Paderborn University

For many years now, Paderborn University has been maintaining junior professorships as an alternative qualification model for a professorship. The number of these positions is being successfully expanded and today their share in professorships at Paderborn University is considerably above the national average. The model has proven its worth: The vast majority of junior professors trained at Paderborn University have been granted a tenured professorship.

Hereby, the junior professorships play an important role in the research profile of Paderborn University: They act as a temporary supplement or expansion of existing research focuses and enable the probing of new fields of research.

Information for junior professors

Framework conditions and characteristics of a junior professorship

In general, the prerequisites for the appointment to a junior professorship are an outstanding doctoral degree and where applicable further scientific or academic achievements as well aptitude in the areas of pedagogy and didactics. Proof of further subject-specific qualifications may be required.

Junior professors are appointed for a fixed-term by a quality-assured appointment procedure. Initially, they are appointed for three years. An intermediate evaluation will be conducted in the third year to establish whether the person has proven themselves as a university professor and whether the junior professorship is extended for a further three years. The focus of the evaluation is on research and teaching work; however, it will also consider activities within the scope of academic self-administration.

Legally, junior professors belong to the group of university professors, however, due to their qualification and fixed-term status they are also allocated to the group of junior scientists and academics. An allocation to the group of university professors in general grants the same rights and obligations as applicable for permanent professorships. Junior professors independently carry out research and teaching activities, are involved in the academic self-administration and are authorised to supervise doctoral candidates. The teaching commitments of W1 professors are however less pronounced (4 periods per week in the 1st phase, five semester periods per week after the successful completion of the intermediate evaluation).

Qualification opportunities for junior professors

Information regarding qualification opportunities and advice services is available here.

Additional offers focusing specifically on junior professors and other executives are:

Awards and funding programmes

Information on science and teaching awards as well as on funds for research projects and trips is available here.

Another specific offer for junior professors is the option of funding research projects by employment as a scientific or academic research assistant within the scope of the equality concept.

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