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Early-career researcher at the lab Show image information

Early-career researcher at the lab

Photo: Besim Mazhiqi

Advice and general support

Do you have a general question about a doctorate or qualifications at Paderborn University?

Are you looking for a suitable contact person for a more specific issue?

Would you like to know more about the university's various funding instruments for early-career researchers?

The Jenny Aloni Center is always available for orientation advice.

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Abuse of Power in Science

In March 2022 the Network against Abuse of Power in Science was founded. The network wants to raise awareness about power abuse in science, provide information and offer independent advice for people who are affected by power abuse.

At Paderborn University the Conflict management for Paderborn University staff offers individual consultations as well as conflict moderation and mediation also with regard to abuse of power.


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