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[Translate to English:] Unsere Aufkleber im Alumni Paderborn-Design. Wir freuen uns, wenn viele Ehemalige an der UPB "kleben bleiben". (Foto: Universität Paderborn, Alexandra Dickhoff) Show image information

[Translate to English:] Unsere Aufkleber im Alumni Paderborn-Design. Wir freuen uns, wenn viele Ehemalige an der UPB "kleben bleiben". (Foto: Universität Paderborn, Alexandra Dickhoff)

| Alexandra Dickhoff

UPB student Sina-Marie Rieke receives the Emeriti Award 2020

A thirst for knowledge and academic curiosity, a desire to spend time abroad and outstanding academic achievements - these are the criteria that our Emeriti Award winners must bring with them. This year, the commitment of Sina-Marie Rieke stood out in particular - she is the winner of the Emeriti Award 2020. The 28-year-old has been studying in the Master of Education "Business Education - Teaching Profession at Vocational Colleges" at the University of Paderborn since the summer semester of 2020. From the winter semester 2020/21 onwards, she will receive the scholarship of 300 euros per month donated by the former professors.

Sina-Marie Rieke's curriculum vitae is long: after training as an industrial clerk, she completed a Bachelor's degree at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and travelled to the California State University in the USA for one semester on a DAAD PROMOS scholarship. Since the summer semester of 2020, she has been studying for a Master of Education in "Business Education - Teacher Training at Vocational Colleges" at the University of Paderborn. During her studies, she not only gained practical experience during her numerous internships in well-known management consultancies and auditing companies in the areas of strategy and IT consulting, but also worked for the interests of students in the student council at her former university. In addition to the Freshers' Week, business days were organised with companies and contact between students and lecturers was supported. Recently, she has broadened the focus of her commitment: she gives private tuition to four children of a refugee family and is a youth sponsor at the German Child Protection Association, Bielefeld e. V. "I have always found business topics very interesting, the content has always convinced me. Over the years, however, I have noticed that working with people is more important to me. In the meantime, I see myself in a different professional environment - as a teacher at a vocational college. There I can contribute many of my professional interests and skills, for example in the area of digitalisation and management, and support students in their professional and personal development," explains Sina-Marie Rieke.

Formative study abroad in the USA 

Sina-Marie Rieke spent one semester at university in Fullerton, California. In addition to her studies, she made contacts and travelled around the country. "I really enjoyed studying and being a student there. It's great when you can just go to Las Vegas for a weekend. I certainly left part of my heart there and can't wait to pack my bags after Corona and fly there again," she enthuses.  

Unusual Corona semester to start the Master's programme 

She chose the University of Paderborn for practical reasons: The UPB degree programme in teaching at vocational colleges and the reports from friends who studied in Paderborn convinced her. "Of course it's a pity that my studies are so different because of Corona. The beginning was also a bit difficult, but it's getting better and better now. In the meantime, I have contacts with fellow students via WhatsApp groups - otherwise I would have been lost," she summarises with a smile. She is convinced that it is simply better to study in a community. 

Many thanks to the donors

The "Emeriti Award" is made up of many donations from former professors of the University of Paderborn and is awarded in cooperation with the Foundation Studienfonds OWL. We would like to thank all donors once again for their financial commitment.

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