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Alumni network for alumni of the University of Paderborn

Were you a student or exchange student at the University of Paderborn? Do you have fond memories of your time here and want to stay up-to-date on university life?

We invite you to stay in touch!

During your time as a student in Germany, you laid the foundations for your professional career, made friends for life, collected lots of impressions and shared experiences. At the same time, you were part of a community and helped shape this university.

Multiple offers for alumni

The University offers its alumni a range of options for staying connected after their studies. Make use of our free alumni offers, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on facebook to stay up-to-date on campus events.

Additionally, you can support us by becoming a member of any of our alumni associations.

Good reasons for becoming part of our network:

  • Reminiscing about the good times
  • Becoming an ambassador for the university
  • Supporting students
  • Sharing knowledge and experience

We are happy to help you with all questions concerning alumni.

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