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Verwaltung und Service Show image information

Verwaltung und Service

1.2 Personnel Cost Budgeting, Cost Accounting, Capacity and Organisational Matters

Division Head Markus Vogt - B2.214, 60 - 2541
Deputy Anja Heisler - B2.310, 60 - 3259


Verena Schlothane - B2.310, 60 - 5590
Jan-Philipp Haselhorst - B2.212, 60 - 2556
Anja Heisler - B2.310, 60 - 3259

Personnel Cost Budgeting and Structural Matters

  • Preparation of business plan (staff-related section)
  • Design and further development of university-internal personnel cost budgeting
  • Personnel cost projections
  • Annual preparation of human resources budget for faculties and central institutions
  • Monitoring cash flow / flow of funds
  • Advisory statements on the structural, human and financial resources of faculties and institutions
  • Advisory statements on the establishment and staffing of professorships

Cost Accounting

  • Implementation of cost accounting with MACH
  • Preparation of cost and activity data for external reporting requirements as well as internal university decisions
  • Maintenance of accounting objects on basic and summarisation levels for all areas, except external funds
  • Maintenance of the cost accounting webpage
  • Evaluation of alternative workflows from a cost accounting perspective

 Capacity Matters

  • General capacity matters
  • Determination of annual admission capacity for teaching divisions
  • Reasoning, calculation and application for admission restrictions for first and higher semesters
  • Coordination of admission restrictions for first and higher semesters with faculties
  • Calculation of programme-specific attrition rates
  • Maintenance/Updating of the service obligation
  • Determination of curricular values (CW) for newly created degree programmes and updating of existing CWs
  • Discussion of proposed admission numbers with the MKWMKW (Ministry of Culture and Science in North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • Capacity statement for newly-established degree programmes as well as reaccreditation of existing degree programmes
  • Capacity statement in case of proposed reductions in teaching workloads
  • Capacity utilisation calculations
  • Survey of course listings


  • Surveying, modelling and documentation of business processes
  • Fundamental organisational issues and policies
  • Organisational analysis

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