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Vielfalt von Mentoring Show image information

Photo: Nina Ostwald (Mentoring für Doktorandinnen)

Vielfalt von Mentoring

Photo: Joanna Becker (Peer-Mentoring-Programm)

Mentoring-program for female doctoral students

Picture: emjay-pictures

Welcome to our homepage!

With the launch of the program in 2008, the mentoring program for doctoral students has become a fundamental tool for human resources development at Paderborn University. The program aims at supporting female doctoral students during their PHD and offers them an opportunity to become more familiar with possible academic careers trough the insight view of an experienced mentor. In addition, it also focuses on strategies for success in an academic context and supports professional networking.

Based on our long-term experience, we offer our expertise to young female researchers, as well as other departments and interested parties.

For all female researchers we offer:

  • A 15-month mentoring program supporting our participants concerning their career development
  • A one-to-one coaching regarding individual concerns

For all other interested parties:

  • We assist you with a conceptual design of mentoring services and other services for young professionals
  • We offer trainings and support for your mentors of your own program
  • We arrange workshops and events concerning reflections about personal skills, goals and networking

If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us.

Am Dienstag, 30. Mai, fand das Podiumsgespräch zum Thema „Vielfältige Karrierewege erfolgreicher Frauen innerhalb und außerhalb der Hochschule“ im Jenny-Aloni Haus statt.

Praxishandbuch Mentoring

Hier finden sich in zwei Artikeln die Erfahrungen aus Paderborn wieder.

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