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Notice of admission

The University of Paderborn will advise you in writing of whether your application for admission has been successful. You will receive this written notice approximately 1-2 months before the course commences.  
In case no admission is possible, we will return your documents to you.

The notice of admission 

  • is only valid for the specified course and semester
  • contains information regarding further requirements such as language tests, aptitude tests etc.,
  • lists up all documents you need to bring for enrolment
  • informs about the enrolment period (on the last page)
  • contains an acceptance form (admissions restricted subjects only). You must complete this form to state whether or not you intend to enrol in the course you have been admitted to. Once you have received the notice of Admission, you must accept the offer by a specified deadline. 

Please allow enough time for any correspondence to be forwarded to you and notify us if your correspondence address changes.


Acceptance of documents:

Only complete applications will be accepted. Incomplete sets of documents or documents arriving after the deadline will not be processed. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to have his / her documents completed and sent in time.

NO Reconsignment of Documents

Application Documents will not be returned. Please do only send certified copies and no originals. If you require your documents to be returned please enclose a self-addressed envelope of sufficient size plus International reply coupon.

We wish you every success with your application.

The University for the Information Society