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Chemistry demonstration Show image information
Information technology in the O building Show image information
View from inside the lab in the IW Hall Show image information
A laser project in the HNF Show image information
The manometer of a CO2 fire extinguisher Show image information

Chemistry demonstration

Information technology in the O building

View from inside the lab in the IW Hall

A laser project in the HNF

The manometer of a CO2 fire extinguisher

Research at Paderborn University: interdisciplinary, international and innovative!

Paderborn University is a young and thriving university providing excellent research in four key research areas. A wide range of research activities in all faculties are performed at a high level of interdisciplinarity and internationality. Paderborn University is embedded in a highly innovative and dynamic business environment in the region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, which engenders numerous cross-sector collaborations with benefits for researchers and regional economy.

We back on interdisciplinarity because complex scientific challenges require collaboration of complementary disciplines. This is illustrated e.g. by the close link of computer science and engineering, generating common solutions with exploitation potential in mechatronics. Together with basic research in the natural sciences they form the base for shaping the modern information society. In the same way, the exploration of cultural and economic developments and societal changes in the information and knowledge society requires interdisciplinary approaches. These questions are addressed in the cultural and social sciences as well as economics and have impact on teacher training and vocational education.

Forschung im Profil

As a modern profile university, we accomplish excellent research in our key research areas!


Interdisciplinarity is firmly anchored!

We have a strong track record in technology transfer and are well connected within a dynamic region!

Research at Paderborn University stands for both European and International collaboration!

Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs

We offer a platform for young talents in science!

Forschungsservice und -beratung

We provide excellent support for your research!

Contact University executive Board

Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Paderborn University

Vice President for Research and Junior Academics

Christine Silberhorn
+49 5251 60-5884

Laborausblick - Halle IW

What are the research focus areas of our professors? What are their research interests and in which fields are they experts in? Here, we present the research portraits of our newly appointed professors.

The University for the Information Society