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Chemistry demonstration Show image information
Information technology in the O building Show image information
View from inside the lab in the IW Hall Show image information
A laser project in the HNF Show image information
The manometer of a CO2 fire extinguisher Show image information

Chemistry demonstration

Information technology in the O building

View from inside the lab in the IW Hall

A laser project in the HNF

The manometer of a CO2 fire extinguisher

Research at Paderborn University: interdisciplinary and transferable!

The University of Paderborn is the University for the Information Society, covering a spectrum of disciplines across the humanities, business studies, natural sciences and engineering.

Interdisciplinary work is absolutely essential in order to tackle complex research problems. For us, this includes the close collaboration between computer sciences and engineering, for example in the form of marketable engineering applications of computer science technologies. The fundamental research in the natural sciences supports these developments in the modern information society. Simultaneously, interdisciplinary science implies the study of cultural and economic developments in the information and knowledge society. These are the subject of our projects in the humanities, the social and business sciences, as well as our educational research and teacher education programs. Technology transfer and the close cooperation with business and societal partners form the final part of this chain, allowing the University of Paderborn to engage in the development of practical research applications.


Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Paderborn University

Vice President for Research and Junior Academics

Christine Silberhorn
+49 5251 60-5884

Laborausblick - Halle IW

What are the research focus areas of our professors? What are their research interests and in which fields are they experts in? Here, we present the research portraits of our newly appointed professors.

The University for the Information Society